Renovation Hub

The STUNNING Renovation Hub is a Knowledge Sharing Platform and your source of information for key facts and recommendations on renovation packages and related business models! It connects stakeholders along the whole renovation value chain allowing them to benefit from their experiences and exchange.

How it works and what it offers:

Browse through public information as a STUNNING Follower in order to read best practice examples and information on novel renovation technologies. Register as a STUNNING Expert in order to write own contributions, get editing rights and become engaged through workshops. Become a STUNNING Ambassador to moderate platform content and spread the word of STUNNING in your own community.


Search by either building type, age or climate zone or per type of renovation solution. A library of refurbishment packages provides useful information on their performance, the used technologies, costs, implementation constraints and success stories. It features as well cost-benefit analyses, and offers links to innovative business models.


Innovative and replicable business cases help you to understand new financing solutions for your renovation project. Next to information on building characteristics and energy demand these case studies provide economic data.


Submit your own articles to share your experience with the community. Present aspects of your refurbishment package such as:

  • Used technologies and their level of innovation
  • Implementation constraints (environmental / climate, building typology, economic, legal aspects / regulations, cultural, etc.)
  • Underlying business models
  • A Cost-Benefit-Analysis for a specific combination of building type and climate
  • Link them to the corresponding business case


The stakeholder forum will help you to get in touch with the right partners in order to start new a cooperation with European counterparts. Find partners and see what others have on offer. Or simply publish your own profile with information on renovation cases, technologies or services you offer.