Check out our last 2nd STUNNING webinar on deep renovation refurbishment packages

Did you miss our last webinar? Check it out here on YouTube!

Did you miss our last webinar? Check it out here on YouTube!

2nd STUNNING Webinar content:

- 4RinEU, presented by Roberto Lollini: 4RinEU aims at developing a Robust&Reliable technology concepts and business models for triggering deep Renovation of Residential buildings in EU. The 4RinEU pursued impact is to increase efficiency of the whole deep renovation process. Such impact can be achieved: by optimized technology deep renovation packages for different EU geoclusters, supporting stakeholders and market players along the renovation process, while helping to understand renovation issues and associated potentials, to ensure an effective and participated design, and a reduced users’ disturbance because of the renovation process. The 4RinEU rating tool can drive the investors in deep renovation decision process, considering technology risks and performances, in a comprehensive approach
- BuildHeat, presented by Roberto Fedrizzi: The construction sector offers unique opportunities to decarbonise the European economy. However, as the replacement rate of the existing stock is very small (1-1.5 % per year), acceleration is needed.
BuildHEAT addresses this challenging sector by:

• elaborating systemic packages for the deep rehabilitation of residential buildings
• developing innovative technologies facilitating the implementation of the renovation measures
• developing financial tools enabling large public and private investments
• involving the construction chain from the very beginning and all along the building life cycle.

- HEART, presented by Claudio Del Pero: HEART is a multifunctional retrofit toolkit within which different subcomponents – ICT, BEMS, HVAC, BIPV and Envelope Technologies – cooperate synergistically to transform an existing building into a Smart Building. Based on a whole-building performance approach, the toolkit is conceived to achieve extremely high levels of energy efficiency in the existing residential building stock, with particular reference to Central and Southern Europe, where climate change and energy transition have boosted electricity consumption peaks both during summer and winter seasons. The system’s central core consists of a cloud-based computing platform which concentrates managing and operational logic to support decision-making in planning and construction as well as energy performance enhancement and monitoring during operation. The Toolkit provide energy saving, energy fluxes optimization, data exchange, stakeholders’ active involvement and Smart Grid interactivity.