STUNNING Project Downloads

STUNNING 1st Newsletter (April 2018 edition)
STUNNING 2nd Newsletter (September 2018 edition)
STUNNING 3rd Newsletter (March 2019 edition)
STUNNING 4th Newsletter (September 2019 edition)
Public Deliverable D2.1 - 1st Stakeholder Community Database
Public Deliverable D2.2 - Report on 1st Stakeholder Workshop
Public Deliverable D6.1 - STUNNING Corporate Identity and project website
STUNNING Factsheet for building owner tenants
STUNNING Factsheet for cities
STUNNING Factsheet for ESCOs facility manager
STUNNING Factsheet for financial institutions
STUNNING Factsheet for planners
STUNNING Factsheet for research organizations
STUNNING Factsheet for SMEs Industry

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Report D2.4 - Live Knowledge Sharing Platform
Report D4.1 - EE renovation market mechanisms, trends and barriers
Report D4.2 - Ensuring successful replicability in EE renovation business schemes
Report D5.1 - Report on the scenario identified
STUNNING Final Publication