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The project STUNNING aims at building up a stakeholder community around a Renovation Hub designed as a knowledge sharing platform, providing information on innovative solutions for building renovation and novel business models for their adoption and large scale replication. The provided solutions involve affordable and adaptable refurbishment packages, taking into consideration the whole renovation value chain.

STUNNING’s Renovation Hub and knowledge sharing platform is open to various European renovation stakeholders, allowing them to get engaged with the STUNNING community and provide or obtain information on refurbishment solutions.

Throughout the project duration (October 2017 to September 2019) the following main activities will be implemented:

  • Set-up of the Knowledge Sharing Platform
  • Creation of the Stakeholder Community with representatives along the whole renovation value chain
  • Benchmarking and (geo-)clustering of innovative refurbishment packages
  • Identification of market, social, information, financial and normative barriers which currently prevent the replication of refurbishment packages and corresponding business models
  • Promotion of innovative business models for building refurbishment and illustration in business cases
  • Active dissemination of the STUNNING results and the Knowledge Sharing Platform, through workshops and information campaigns

In this way STUNNING supports the market roll-out of innovative refurbishment packages across the EU28 and reaching the targeted EU renovation rate according to the SET-Plan.

Impacts and benefits

  • STUNNING highlights cost-effective renovation packages through optimized business models

  • STUNNING ranks adaptive renovation packages according to their energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental impact

  • STUNNING helps to select the most suitable refurbishment package/business model combination through decision support tools and databases

  • STUNNING increases the awareness of the benefits of improving the energy-efficiency of existing buildings

  • STUNNING empowers local authorities to accelerate the renovation of the building stock, by recommending effective methods for steering and governance, especially paying attention to the local scale, including the variety of actions by cities and municipalities that can define obligations or encourage voluntary actions

  • STUNNING covers innovation-related public building procurements, taking into account the needs of the public sector with regard to high-performance buildings

  • STUNNING takes into account the access of SMEs to public tenders for rehabilitation projects

  • STUNNING enriches knowledge on existing and emerging renovation solutions based on geo-clustering and cost benefit analysis to players of the renovation sector

  • STUNNING promotes better quality standards and performance guarantees, also considering the indoor environment