Sustainable business models for the deep renovation of buildings.

STUNNING's goal is to identify and promote innovative packages for renovation to accelerate their acceptance by the market players and consumers and increase the renovation rate in Europe.
Data on integrated and adaptable solutions, combined with innovative business models which allow consumers and the market to invest with confidence, will be collated, synthesised and analysed so as to select, fine-tune and validate the most promising ones.

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The main project objectives are:

  • Support the growth of a diverse stakeholder community around a web-based knowledge sharing platform (KSP) addressing technology and business models for refurbishment in EU28.

The Knowledge Sharing Platform aims at sharing and promoting the new knowledge generated by EC-funded, national or private initiatives in the field of energy efficient building refurbishment, both from the technological side and the business model side.

  • Identify and cluster innovative refurbishment packages and classify them according to a ranking based on profitability and energy efficiency indicators
  • Identify the barriers which prevent innovative refurbishment packages and their corresponding business models from being replicated by the involved players of the value chain
  • Promote and validate new business cases that make renovation more profitable, thanks to optimal energy savings
STUNNING Knowledge Sharing Platform

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Our project will engage with the community of stakeholders and accelerate the adoption of new business models for energy-efficient buildings based on integrated, adaptable and affordable refurbishment packages.

  • Are you a representative of the industry or a SME from the construction sector?
  • Do you work for energy utilities or capital providers?
  • Do you represent a municipality or a local authority?
  • Are you a building or home owner, or a tenant?

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Our goal is to involve the stakeholders representing different interests and different responsibilities, including all the players of the construction sector, cities, and consumers into our stakeholder community

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